Tech Surveying, LLC is operated by Ty Brady as a solo surveyor. Ty is a licensed surveyor in the state of Virginia and a FAA certified remote pilot. Ty has over 21 years experience in land surveying. His specialties include: Topographic surveys, boundary surveys, ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey, elevation certificates, subdivision plats and boundary line adjustment plats.

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Though Tech Surveying, LLC specializes in topographic surveys, the following services are also offered in the state of Virginia.
Topographic Surveys
Civil engineers require detailed topographic drawings. Drone photogrammetry can speed up the process and save the client money. In areas where the drone cannot get adequate data, GPS or a robotic total station is used. A major benefit of using a drone for photogrammetry is that a highly detailed orthographic image can be created from the point cloud data. This orthographic image can be used in the background of AutoCAD to help the engineer visualize what is happening on the ground.
Boundary And Subdivision Plats
Land boundary surveys are what surveyors are known for. There can be many variables with the price for doing a land boundary survey plat. Subdivisions and boundary line adjustments are a type of land boundary survey and the requirements vary from county to county. Commercial property usually requires an ALTA/ NSPS Land Boundary Survey. Tech Surveying, LLC can assist with any of these types of surveys.
Elevation Certificates
Has a bank told you that you require flood insurance or an elevation certificate to show that you are not in a flood zone? If your house is high enough, you might be able to get out of paying for expensive flood insurance. As a one person field crew, Tech Surveying, LLC can probably offer you a better price for your elevation certificate. Please call or email to discuss.


Please write an email or leave a message. If I do not answer, I'm busy on a project and will get back to you soon.
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